Frequently asked questions

Why is Inkaso Kredytowe dealing with my case?

Inkaso Kredytowe deals with the enforcement of difficult to pay debts. Due to the lack of amicable repayment by the borrower, the original creditor (e.g. VIA SMS.PL, CASHALOT, other Creditors) decided to sell the debt or to send to collection service to a company specialized in the collection of receivables, which is Inkaso Kredytowe. Collection of debt is carried out by the means specified in the applicable law.

Collection activities are carried out through:
  • amicable collection, consisting of monitoring the debtor, which is to lead to the payment of debts.
  • judicial recovery in cases where there is a lack of debtor willingness to cooperate.

Why was the debt sold without my permission?

In accordance with art. 509 of the Civil Code, the creditor may transfer a claim (so-called assignment of claims is a contract for the transfer of claims from the original creditor (seller) to another entity (buyer)) to another entity without the debtor's consent.

What happens if I don't pay?

In the absence of amicable debt repayment, the case will be referred to court proceedings, which may result in additional, sometimes very high costs. After the court issues a payment order and the debt is not paid within the specified time limit, the debt enforcement officer will take care of the debt. The debtor, apart from very high bailiff costs, will also be obliged to pay default interest, which is calculated until the debt is repaid in full.

What does the amount of debt consist of?

The amount of debt consists of the principal amount, interest and any penalty notes and costs depending on the type of service for which the debt arose.

Can I pay in installments?

Payment in installments is possible after settlement. A settlement can be reached using one of the following four methods:
  • sending a Request for installments and entering into a settlement (form) by e-mail or by post.
  • by calling the telephone number (22) 102-18-66
  • by sending a text message "conversation" to the number: 502 781 100
  • by completing the form on this page: send the form

Can I help you pay someone's debt?

Yes, you only need to agree this fact with the debtor and send to Inkaso Kredytowe a completed form
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